Future Ready Literacy: How Leaders Can Implement Schoolwide Culture Change

September 07, 2022 Voyager Sopris Learning with Guest Thomas C. Murray Season 2 Episode 21
Future Ready Literacy: How Leaders Can Implement Schoolwide Culture Change
Show Notes

It’s no secret: School and district leaders set the tone for the culture within the organization. Although every employee is ultimately responsible for creating an environment where students want to be, school leaders must model the way. How can principals looking to implement change create an innovative, sustainable culture that consistently models future ready learning, relies upon a level of teaching and learning backed by science, and promotes a high level of literacy success for all students?

Join us as we talk with our guest, best-selling author Thomas C. Murray, a lifelong educator who is now the director of innovation for Future Ready Schools®. In his current role, Murray works with districts to create the types of learning experiences today’s modern learners need to thrive. As a previous secondary and elementary principal, he knows the importance of helping every child learn to read proficiently, and how to intervene when children don’t have the literacy skills needed by third to fifth grades. On a daily basis, he works with principals and superintendents on systems change, sustainability, and equity and resolving culture-change obstacles standing in the way of students achieving the level of literacy success that allows each one to truly be future ready.

 Join us as we talk with our guest and explore: 

  • What it means to be future ready for a student, teacher, administrator, and school
  • Leveraging the The Future Ready Framework for sustainable change
  • Why buying a great literacy program or intervention is not enough. If you don’t create a culture where people can learn it, believe it, and use it well, it can’t teach itself
  • How do we make sure every child has the opportunity to learn? It goes well beyond technology
  • The importance of community partnerships and relationships