What Assessment Data Tells Us About the Equity Gap

November 30, 2021 Voyager Sopris Learning with guest Dr. Roland Good III of Acadience® Learning Season 2 Episode 13
What Assessment Data Tells Us About the Equity Gap
Show Notes

The Equity Gap, or differentials in race, ethnicity, income, language, and background, has become even more prominent during the pandemic. Minority students from low-income communities were among those most affected by the lockdown and the move to remote learning—where they faced social and economic stress in their families and communities. In this important podcast, assessment expert Dr. Roland Good explores the Equity Gap and how it affects assessment data. You will also learn about reporting tools educators can use to discover skill gaps and provide students with the support they need. 

In this podcast, Dr. Good will discuss:

  • How assessment data shows the skills most affected by gaps in equity
  • How the pandemic affected the Equity Gap
  • Reporting tools that can help educators disseminate student data
  • How to use assessment data to provide differentiation, prepare for state testing, and close skill gaps
  • Next steps to closing the Equity Gap  

Please join us for this informative and engaging discussion with EDVIEW360 Podcast Host and Education Leader Pam Austin.